A Taste of the Caribbean Rum Tasting- Simba Feb. 2008

Sampling a large Selection of Rum in St.Lucia.
St.Lucia Distillers rum tasting bar. A recent fire may have destroyed this long bar.


                                       An Introduction to Rum in

                                                   the Caribbean
                                                                        Bacardi 8 Rum
                                                     Food Course from Puerto Rico
                                                             Admiral Rodney Rum
                                               Food Course from St. Lucia
                                                   Appleton Master Blender Legacy Rum
                                               Food Course from Jamaica

                                                Barbancourt Reserve 15-Year Old Rum
                                               Food Course from Haiti

                                                         Mount Gay Extra Old Rum
                                              Food Course from Barbados
                                              Zacapa 23-year-Old Rum
                                            Food course from Guatemala
                                             Caicos Coffee with Javalatte
                                           Cigars and Cocktails at the bar

                  Rum Tasting Photos

Enjoying the Rum tasting at Simba restaurant.
Discussing the favourite rums of the tasting.

Simba Rum Tasting

Review of Rum Tasting-Simba Restaurant

The night of tasting some great rums and amazing food was a smash hit with all those who attended.
The crowd was welcomed with a Bacardi Mojito while mingling at the bar.
After everybody was seated they were treated to a brief lecture by "The Rumelier" about rum and it's place in the Caribbean. Also details of how sugarcane becomes one of the world's favourite spirits was explained. While the crowd was learning about rum, they were given the chance to smell some of the ingredients and flavours that make up the noble spirit with a sniff of a rum tasting kit.
After the brief lecture the tasting began with Bacardi 8 Year Old. This was closely followed by the first course, lobster ceviche.
The night progressed with more premium rums from throughout the Caribbean paired up perfectly with outstanding food courses from the various islands. This included, snapper, ribs, and lamb with things like creole and pepper sauce.
After all the thanks were given a brief survey of which were the favourite rums of the night was taken, and here are the results:-

1 Ron Zacapa 23 Year Old - Guatemala

2 Bacardi 8 Year Old - Bahamas

3 Appleton Master Blender Legacy - Jamaica

4 Admiral Rodney - ST. Lucia

5 Barbancourt Reserve 15 Year Old - Haiti

6 Mount Gay Extra Old - Barbados

After the brief survey everyone retired to the bar where cigars were available and more rum if neccessary.


Jamaican Food and Rum Tasting Night at Horse-Eye Jack's, Blue Hills

Food Menu:-

Chicken Pumpkin Soup

Escaviche Fish and Bammie.

Ackee and Saltfish with Fried Dumplin.

Jerk Chicken and Pork.

Curried Chicken with White Rice.

Jamaican Carrot Cake.

Iced Blue Mountain Coffee with Rum Cream.

Rum Menu:-

A Welcome Mai Tai from Authentic recipe by Bar Manager Amy

Appleton Special Gold

Appleton Estate V/X

Appleton Reserve

Appleton Extra 12 Year Old

Appleton Master Blender Legacy

Appleton 21 Year Old

Wray & Nephew Blue Mountain Mist with coffee and cream

The Tiki Rooms at Horse-Eye Jacks', Blue Hills.
A great location for a Jamaican rum tasting night.
The Entrance to Horse-Eye Jack's, Blue Hills.

Simba Rum Tasting Review
A fun night of food and fine rums was had by all those who attended the Jamiacan Rum Dinner at Horse Eye Jacks in Blue Hills.
After a late start and a quick presentation on rum production by The Rumelier, the guests were ready to eat the great food prepared by the staff of Horse Eye Jacks and sample some of the fine rums produced by Appleton Estate in Jamaica.
The food was all Jamaican and came by the huge plate full. Little room was left for the fine rums being sampled, but somehow everyone managed to make space for them.
The highlight of the rums was undoubtedly the Appleton Estate Master Blender Legacy and the world famous Appleton Estate 21 Year Old. The Appleton 21 Year Old was paired with carrot cake and the rum cream with coffee, this was a perfect combination.
This was a great location for a rum tasting, inside one of the tiki rooms. When combined with a nice ocean breeze, the sounds of Jamaican music, the fine rums and great food, what more could a rum lover ask for.
More Rum Tasting Photos

Simba Rum Tasting, Feb. 2008

Enjoying the Rum Tasting at Simba Restaurant.
Great rums and great food, a perfect night.
Rum Tasters Enjoying Some Fine Rums at Simba.
Zacapa 23 Year Old Was The Favourite of The Night.

Jamaican Rum Tasting Dinner at Horse Eye Jacks

Horse Eye Jacks Jamaican Rum Dinner.
The Rumelier Behind a Display of Appleton Rums.
The Rumelier and Bar Manager Amy.
The Rumelier reading tasting notes on Appleton 21 year Old.
The Rums from Wray & Nephew used in the Tasting.
The Tiki Room set up for the Rum Dinner.