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Good friend Joey Casanova's new Rum blog, The Aging Barrel, for all things rum.

Waylaid in The Carribean is a great rum blog from Puerto Rico.

John Charles, rum blogger has an informative site, Rum@Charlosa.

Need help finding a good rum, check out, Find the Best Rum. is one of the original rum sites. Great forum. Thanks Minister Ed.

The Floating Rum Shack is a great rum site from the UK.

Paul "Rum Daddy" Artrip is one of the world's top rum and spirit experts.

The Rum Connection has all the latest news on rum.

The Rum Quest is searching for the truth behind 2 Caroni Rum bottles.

Rum Runner Imports are Canadian rum distributors.

Rum Time is an Italian Rum blog site with all the up to date news about rum.

Peter's rum labels is a very comprehensive site about rum labels.

Exotic rum tastings at gives you all the news about rum and a huge selection of links and articles.

Royal Mile Whiskies has a good selection of rums for sale online.

Jose Escobar has a great selection of Caribbean miniature rum bottles on his site.

Rum Dood has a good site all about rum, with lots of rum related articles and reviews.

Rumfest in England is now Europes only annual rum expo.

The Italian Rum Club is a great site if you speak Italian! has a good selection or rums to search through.

Ipbartenders from the UK have an amazing collection of rums and rum info. Very knowledgeable cocktail guys.

The Rum Lab in Puerto Rico is a great place to have dinner with a flight of rum and some rum education.

Bill Carney's rum infused life blog is all about rum and whatever takes his fancy!!

Rumworld is Dutch site where you can purchase rums from all over the world.

Rum Paradise is an online RUM store in Germany with a great selection of rums.

Soubise is a company selling Caribbean Rums and Blue Mountain Coffee in England.



Cocktail Links:-

Great Cocktails gives you all the information you need about mixing your favourite libation.

A mountain of crushed ice is a fantastic site with great photos about cocktails and rum from Sweden.

Cocktail Nerd is another great site about the art of making cocktails.

Turks and Caicos Links:-

Fishing Events TCI is the site for the Annual Wahoo Fishing Tournament.

Turks and Caicos Information Directory, TCIMall.



Rum by Dave Broom and Jason Lowe

Rum Yesterday and Today by Hugh Barty-King & Anton Massel

The Complete Guide to Rum: An Authoritative Guide to Rums of the World
by Edward Hamilton

Rum: The Epic Story of the Drink That Conquered the World by Charles Coulombe

And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails by Wayne Curtis

Caribe Rum: The Original Guide to Caribbean Rum and Drinks by Robert Plotkin

Battling Demon Rum: The Struggle for a Dry America, 1800-1933 by Thomas R. Pegram

Rum: A Social and Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776 by Ian Williams

Rums of the Eastern Caribbean by Edward Hamilton

Classic Rum by Julie Arkell

Tortuga Rum Fever & Caribbean Party Cookbook by Barbara Currie Dailey

Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History by Frederick H. Smith

Nelson's Blood: The Story of Naval Rum by Captain James Pack OBE RN

The Barbadian Rum Shop: The Other Watering Hole
by Peter Laurie

Barbados Rum Book by Macmillan Education

The Rum 1000, The Ultimate Collection of Rum Cocktails, Recipes, Facts, and resources by Ray Foley

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