The Rumelier's Rum Collection

Miniature Rum Collection.
There are over 160 bottles in this collection.

Full Size Bottles

The main part of the Rumelier's Rum collection are his full size bottles collected from all over the Caribbean. His favourites being the premium aged sipping rums followed closely by his gold, amber and dark rums.
His collection now stands at well over 900 bottles of full sized bottles from 58 countries, augmented by over 200 mini-bottles. Of course this does cause storage problems. It was thought that storing the rums in a storage unit would work, but unfortunately you cannot taste the rums while they are in storage and for some reason the local rodent population took a liking to the rum labels (the glue) and the older cork stoppers, aswell as any of the French rhum bottles that had a palm wrapping.
This is when a decision was made to store the large collection at home with some special shelving. This also turned out to be a complete disaster, (see below) something The Rumelier's rum collection will never fully recover from.
These bottles come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. The collection also includes numerous mini barrels of various types and sizes which are excellent for ageing The Rumelier's favourite rums even longer than the original producer.

Unfortunately since 9-11 collecting rum from the Islands has become more difficult. You can no longer carry rum bottles in your carry-on luggage for yourself or for gifts for your friends. As a result, this has affected the Rumelier's collection, as he relied a great deal on friends travelling around the Caribbean picking up bottles of rum for his collection. A special thanks for all friends and family who have bought back or sent bottles of rum for The Rumelier's collection, especially Wally Hunt from California (aka Rumdog007), sister-in-law Sally and Mrs."Rum Mule" Rumelier.

The islands of the Caribbean appear close together on a map, but are often not linked together by direct airline or boat routes, making trade between the islands very difficult at times. This is often compounded by the fact that the islands differ from English speaking islands to French, Spanish, and Dutch. This is made more complicated when politics get involved and governments will not trade with each other ie. Cuba and the USA. Then there is the on-going dispute between Bacardi and Havana Club. That alone is worth a page on this website!

Cuba is one of the leading rum producers in the world who make some of the finest rums available. The Rumelier has a variety of Cuban rums often collected in far away countries and not the Turks and Caicos Islands. In a recent trip to the UK The Rumelier was able to buy Havana Club rum 100 yards from his mother's house and in all the bars and liquor stores, but cannot buy it 90 miles away across the Caribbean. This is mainly due to the fact that there once again is no direct shipping routes between Cuba and the Turks and Caicos Islands. There are lots of Cuban cigars here, but very few rums and these are in great demand by American tourists who cannot buy them at home. Also, there are no direct flights to Cuba anymore, as there was in the past. This has made it really difficult to obtain Cuban rum these days.
New charges introduced recently at the only port of entry into Providenciales has meant that many of the small boats who used to bring in rum from other neighbouring countries, can no longer afford to dock their boats in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This will have a long term effect on the ammount of Domincan rums coming into the country.

A great deal of rum in now available for purchase on line, whether it be on eBay or various liquor merchants in numerous countries around the world. This has made it somewhat easier to increase The Rumelier's rum collection.

Part of The Rumelier's collection of fine rums.
Rums from all over the Caribbean.

The Great Rum Disaster 2006

The Rumelier was running ouf of space to store his rum collection, so he asked a colleagues cousin to build him some new shelves. After a basic design had been decided upon, construction began on a "sturdy" set of shelves for the main part of the rum collection.
Upon arrival of the shelves they were stocked with the finest bottles of rum from all over the world. Included in this were pre-Castro bottles of Bacardi and numerous other old bottles of Mount Gay, Bacardi, Ron Rico, etc and all sorts of vintage and rare bottles of rum.
Not long after the shelves had been filled it was decided that another was needed and was subsequently ordered.
However early one Sunday morning The Rumelier was awoken by a very loud crashing sound. He jumped out of bed and ran into the living room only to find most of his prized rums had fallen down and broken on the hard tile floor after the shelves had collapsed.
The rum was flowing down into one corner of the room leaving an irrisistable aroma behind it. Broken pieces of glass covered the tile floor. Unfortunately the cheaper least collectable bottles of rum had been on the lower shelves, while all the rare desirable ones had been arranged high up on the shelves for visibility. These were the ones not to survive the fall.
The Rumelier was heart broken watching all his broken bottles going into the garbage. Nothing was saved, not even the labels could be salvaged. The broken bottles were left in the garbage bin for over a year before The Rumelier could bring himself to finally throw them out for good.
Trying to replace the broken bottles has proved almost impossible, but The Rumelier keeps trying to add to his ever growing collection.
In the picture above you will notice that the shelves are bowing, but it wasn't the shelves that gave way but the base. The weight of the rum had caused the base to sink in on it. The builder of the shelves had only used staples to join the pieces of wood together.

Ye Olde Rum Bar at The Rumelier's House.
Another Section of The Rumelier's Collection.

Mini Rum Disaster 2008

The Rumelier recently had a flashback to the "Great Rum Disaster of 2006". While he was relaxing in his bedroom one Sunday morning and watching the latest edition of "Sportscenter" there was an all too familiar sound of breaking glass on tiles. The Rumelier thought that this could not be happening again. He ran into the living room and saw his children playing on the computer, so it wasn't them, then looked around at the main part of his rum collection. All seemed intact, but there was a strong smell of rum in the room. On further inspection there was one broken bottle of Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum lying in pieces on the floor with the rum slowing moving across the living room floor.
Looking out toward the back door he saw the local stray cat his children had christened "Milkshake", standing and looking very guilty. For some reason the stray cat had decided to climb up onto the first shelf of the rum collection and had managed to knock down the bottle of "Overproof" along with some rumerabilia.
There was a great feeling of relief at only losing one bottle of rum and one that could easily be replaced. The children even offered to buy their farther a new bottle with money from their piggy bank. An offer he declined, but made sure to make it very clear that stray cats were no longer welcome in the house.

Mini Rumeliers with the guilty cat "Milkshake".
Hand Painting the Famous Limbo Drummer Bottle.
A Labour Intensive Process for the Old Oak Rum at Angostura, Trinidad.
Empty Oak Barrels Waiting to be Filled in Trinidad
It is all in the oak and the size of the barrel, more contact means more flavour.


The latest additions to The Rumelier's collection (Since Oct.2008):-
1) The Lord Nelson Nelson's Blood 700ml from England.
2) Trois Rivieres Rhum Blanc Agricole 700ml from Martinique.
3) Wood's 100 Old navy Rum 700ml from Guyana.
4) Sailor Jerry Spiced Caribbean Rum 700ml from the USA.
5) Brugal Siglo de Oro 700ml from the Domincan Republic.
6) Pirate's Choice Molasses Reef Rum 750ml from the U.S.A.
7) Zaya Gran Reserva 750ml from Guatemala.
8) Zaya Gran Reserva 750ml from Trinidad & Tobago.
9) Atlantico Private Cask 750ml from the Dominican Republic.
10) Cubaney Gran Reserva 15 Años 750ml from the Domincan Republic.
11) Diplomatico Reserva 750ml from Venezuela.
12) Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva 750ml from Venezuela.
13) Calico Jack Premium Dark Rum 700ml from Guyana.
14) Cockspur 5 Star Fine Rum 700ml from Barbados.
15) Westerhall Plantation Rum 750ml from Grenada.
16) Bambarra Gold Rum 1litre from the Turks and Caicos Islands.
17) Bambarra Silver Rum 1litre from the Turks and Caicos Islands.
18) Clement Premiere Canne 700ml from Martinique.
19) Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve 750ml from the Turks and Caicos Islands.
20) Bambarra 8 Year 200ml Old from the Turks and Caicos Islands.
21) Bundaberg Over Proof Rum 1125ml from Australia.
22) Matusalem Golden Dry 750ml from Puerto Rico.
23) Coruba Jamaica Rum 1Litre from Jamaica.
24) Duquesne Rhum Agricole 1Litre from Martinique.
25) Rum Jumbie Pineapple Splash 1Litre from St.Maarten.
26) Rum Jumbie Coconut Splash 1Litre from St.Maarten.
27) Rum Jumbie Vanilla Splash 1Litre from St.Maarten.
28) Rum Jumbie Liqueur 750ml from St.Maarten.
29) Pirassununga Cachaca 965ml from Brazil.
30) Ricardo Coconut Rum 1Litre from the Bahamas.
31) Clairin Lakay Zo Devan 175ml from Haiti.
32) Rum Jumbie Mango Splash 1Litre from St.Maarten.
33) Duquesne Vieux Rhum Agricole 700ml from Martinique.
34) Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera 700ml from Venezuela.
35) Clement Rhum Canne Bleue 700ml from Martinique.
36) Ron Caribe Dorado 750ml from Paraguay.
37) Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Pineapple 1Litre from Puerto Rico.
38) Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Mango 1Litre from Puerto Rico.
40) Captain Morgan Black Label 1Litre from Jamaica.
41) Bite Me Single Barrel 2 year Old Rum 1Litre from the Turks and Caicos Islands.
42) Feeling Jouk Li Jou Zo Devan 175ml from Haiti.
43) Plantion Old Reserve 1998 750ml from Nicaragua.
44) Cana Rio Cachaca 700ml from Brazil.
45) Berling Vieux Labbe Rhum 200ml from Haiti.
46) Plantation Old Reserve 1996 750ml from Trinidad.
47) Old Master Silver Rum 700ml from Belize.
48) Old Master Coconut Rum 700ml from Belize.
49) Coronation Khukri Rum 375ml from Nepal.
50) Ron del Barrilito 2 Star 750ml from Puerto Rico.
51) 1 Barrel 750ml from Belize.
52) Don Faustino Coconut Rum 1Litre from the Turks and Caicos Islands.
53) Cruzan Gran Reserva Cask 15 1Litre from the US Virgin Islands.
54) Ron Viejo de Caldas 3 Year Old 750ml from Columbia.
55) Ron Vigia Gran Añejo 700ml from Cuba.
56) Ron Vigia Gran Reserva Real 18 Años 700ml from Cuba.
57) Ron Mulata Reserva Real 12 Year Old 700ml from Cuba.
58) Nassau Royale Policeman Bottle from the Bahamas.
59) Nassau Royale Banana Rum 200ml from the Bahamas.
60) Nassau Royale Coconut Rum 200ml from the Bahamas.
61) Nassau Royale Pineapple Rum 200ml from the Bahamas.
62) Ole Nassau Chick Charney Gold Rum 235ml from the Bahamas.
63) Barton Gold Rum 200ml from the US Virgin Islands.
64) Bacardi Añejo 200ml from Mexico.
65) Plantation Panama Old Reserve 1997 750ml from Panama.
66) Plantation Guyana Old Reserve 1990 750m from Guyana.
67) Lakay Liann Bande 175ml from Haiti.
68) Classic Ron Dominicano 1Litre from the Dominican Republic.
69) Pitu Cachaca 1Litre from Brazil.
70) R.L.Seale's 10 Year Old 700ml from Barbados.
71) R.L.Seale's Old Brigand 1Litre from Barbados.
72) Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum 750ml from St.Kitts & Nevis.
73) The Callwood Spiced Rum 750ml from the British Virgin Islands.
74) Pusser's British Navy Rum Blue Label 42% 750ml from the British Virgin Islands.
75) Ron Centenario XX Años 750ml from Costa Rica.
76) Bacardi Havana Club 750ml from Puerto Rico.
77) Starr Arican Rum 750ml from Mauritius.
78) Jack Tar 750ml from South Africa (Jamaica).
79) Cockspur 12 Year Old 750ml from Barbados.
80) Blackwell Black Gold 750ml from Jamaica.
81) Edwin Charley Prorietor's Collection The Foundation 700ml from Jamaica.
82) El Dorado 5 Year Old (New Bottle) 750ml from Guyana.
83) Bugalu Coconut Rum 750ml from Puerto Rico.
84) Granado Gold Rum 750ml from Puerto Rico.
85) Don Q Gold 750ml from Puerto Rico.
86) Ron Zacapa Centenario 750ml from Guatemala. (palm weave bottle)
87) Dos Maderas Cask Barrel 5+3 750ml from Spain.
88) Castro Ron Añejo 700ml from Venezuela.
89) Diplomatico Blanco 750ml from Venezuela.
90) Cacique Ron Añejo 750ml from Venezuela.
91) Rhum J.M. 1997 750ml from Martinique.
92) Rhum J.M. V.S.O.P. 750ml from Martinique.
93) Prichard's Fine Rum 750ml from the U.S.A.
94) Ron Matusalem Clasico 750ml from the Dominican Republic.
95) Ron Matusalem Platino 750ml from the Dominican Republic.
96) Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum 200ml from Jamaica.
97) Don Rhon Blanco 200ml from the Dominican Republic.  
98) Poncha da Madeira 700ml from Portugal.
99) Appleton Gold, Vintage Bottle 750ml from Jamaica.
100) Bambarra Coconut Rum 1Litre from the Turks and Caicos Islands.
101) Mocamco Single Barrel 20 Year Old Art Edition 750ml from Mexico.
102) Ron Caonabo Reserva Taina Suave 350ml from the Dominican Republic.
103) Bermudez Ron Blanco 170ml from the Dominican Republic.
104) Mekhong 750ml from Thailand.
105) Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof 700ml from Cuba.
106) Ole Nassau Dark Rum 1Litre from the Bahamas.
107) Ole Nassau Gold Rum 1Litre from the Bahamas.
108) Appleton White Jamaica Rum Vintage Bottle 750ml from Jamaica.
109) Nova Santo Antao Aguardiente 187ml from Cape Verde Islands.
110) Wray & Nephew Rum Cream with Overproof Rum 200ml from Jamaica.
111) Wray & Nephew Jamaica Brandy 200ml from Jamaica.
112) Edwin Charley Black Label 750ml from Jamaica.
113) Galleon Gold Jamaican Rum 1Litre from Jamaica.
114) Galleon Dark Jamaican Rum 1Litre from Jamaica.
115) Edwin Charley Proprietor's Collection The Transformation 700ml from Jamaica.
116) Appleton Estate 30 Year Old 750ml from Jamaica.
117) Lion Pride White Overproof Jamaica Rum 750ml from Jamaica.
118) Montanya Oro 750ml from the USA.
119) Montanya Platino 750ml from the USA.
120) Temptryst Grapewood Rum 500ml from the USA.
121) Temptryst Pecanwood Rum 500ml from the USA.
122) Bacardi Añejo 750ml from Mexico.
123) Macorix 151 Cocktail Rum 700ml from the Dominican Republic.
124) 8PM Rum from 180ml from India. 
125) Kleren Kreyol Bwa Kochon 200ml from Haiti.
126) Thomas & Leopold Single Barrel Dark Rum 750ml from the USA.
127) Mount Gay 1703 750ml from Barbados.
128) Old Brigand Black Label 700ml from Barbados.
129) Grand Havana Reserva Excelencia 750ml from Grenada.
130) Tortuga Light Rum 200ml from Jamaica.
131) Tortuga Gold Rum 700ml from Costa Rica.
132) Ragged Mountain Rum 750ml from the USA. 
133) Berling Vieux Labbe Gold Label Rhum 750ml from Haiti.
134) Skipper Rum 700ml from Guyana.
135) Kilo Kai Spiced Rum 750ml from Curacao.
136) Seven Tiki Spiced Rum 750ml from Fiji.
137) Ron Viejo de Caldas 750ml from Columbia.
138) Cuca Fresca Classic Caipirinha 750ml from Brazil.
139) Cuca Fresca Coconut Cocktail 1Litre from Brazil.
140) Cuca Fresca Mango Cocktail 750ml from Brazil.
141) Cuca Fresca Passion Friut Cocktail 750ml from Brazil.
142) Cuca Fresca Pura Gold 750ml from Brazil.
142) Cuca Fresca Coconut 750ml from Brazil. 
143) Dourado Rum 700ml from Portugal. 
144) Pirate's Choice Silver Rum 750ml from the USA. 
145) Toz Gold Rum 700ml from St.Lucia.
146) Bacardi Dragon Berry 1Litre from Puerto Rico. 
147) Sea Island Carolina Gold Rum 750ml from the USA.
148) Sea Island Java Rhum 750ml from the USA.
147) Seagram's Smooth Brazilian Rum 750ml from Brazil.
148) Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum 750ml from Jamaica.
149) Cohete Rum Guarana 750ml from Panama. 
150) Berling Vieux Labbe 10 Ans D'age 750ml from Haiti.
151) Zafra Master Reserve 21 Year Old 750ml from Panama.
152) Ron Millonario Solera 15 Reserva Especial 750ml from Peru.
153) Macollo Rum Black 750ml from Mexico.
154) Red Cap Rum 750ml from Dominica.
155) BB Rum 750ml from Dominica.
156) Ron Rico Silver Label 750ml from Puerto Rico.
157) Saint James Rhum 500ml from Martinique. 
158) Forres Park Puncheon Rum 750ml from Trinidad & Tobago.
159) Fernandes Black Label Rum 1Litre from Trinidad & Tobago. 
160) Ron Ricardo Dark Rum 1Litre from the Bahamas. 
161) Ron Ricardo Gold Rum 1Litre from the Bahamas.
162) Ron Ricardo White Rum 1Litre from the Bahamas.
163) Ron Mulata Anejo Blanco 700ml from Cuba. 
164) Don Q Cristal 1Litre from Puerto Rico.
165) Ron Llave Superior Gold 200ml from Puerto Rico.
166) Ron Llave Superior White 200ml from Puerto Rico.
167) Granado White Rum 200ml from Puerto Rico.
168) The Old Mill Gold Rum 750ml from the US Virgin Islands.
169) Cruzan Aged Rum 1Litre from the US Virgin Islands.
170) Downslope Special Gold 750ml from the USA.
171) Bardett's Blend Ron Blanco 700ml from Spain.
172) XM 12 Year Old Millennium Rum 700ml from Guyana.
173) Mount Gay Special Reserve 750ml from Barbados.
174) Palo Viejo Gold 200ml from Puerto Rico.
175) Santa Teresa Anejo Gran Reserva 750ml from Venezuela.
176) Santa Teresa Extra Premium Anejo 750ml from Venezuela.
177) El Dorado 8 Year Old 750ml from Guyana.
178) Ron Carlos Light Dry 1Litre from the US Virgin Islands.
179) Liberte White Rum 700ml from the Reunion Islands.
180) Domaci Rum 1Litre from Croatia.
181) Badel Rum 100ml from Croatia.
182) Maraska Rum 100ml from Croatia.
183) Mount Gay Sugar Cane Brandy 375ml from Barbados.
184) Alleyne Arthur's Special Barbados Rum 375ml from Barbados.
185) Doorly's Fine Old Barbados 5 Year Old 700ml from Barbados.
186) Cockspur VSOR Vintage Blend 750ml from Barbados.
187) Cockspur VSOR Garfield Sobers Special Edition Rum 750ml from Barbados.
188) D'Aguiar's XM 5 Year Old 700ml from Guyana.
189) TOZ White Gold Rum 700ml from St.Lucia.
190) Marigot Bay Banana Cream 700ml from St.Lucia.
191) Marigot Bay Coconut & Rum 700ml from St.Lucia.
192) Bambarra Trouvadore Finest Select 15 Year Old Rum 750ml from the Turks & Caicos Islands.
193) Tondena Manila Rum Gold 750ml from the Philipines.
194) Mount Gay Sugar Cane Rum 750ml from Barbados.
195) Tommy Bahama Golden Sun 750ml from Barbados.
196) Oronoco 750ml from Brazil.
197) Matusalem Gran Reserva 18 Year Old 750ml from the Dominican Republic.
198) Abuelo Anejo 12 Year Old from Panama.
199) Cartavio XO 700ml from Peru.
200) Ocumare Amazonas Rum 750ml from Venezuela.
201) Whaler's Killer Coconut Rum 1Litre from the USA.
202) Stolen White Rum 700ml from New Zealand.
203) Spiced Jack No.94 1Litre from the USA.
204) Pineapple Jack 750ml from the USA.
205) Coconut Jack 750ml from the USA.
206) Orange Jack 750ml from the USA.
207) Bermudez Don Armando 700ml from the Dominican Republic.
208) Cubaney Centenario 700ml from the Dominican Republic.
209) Cubaney Grand Reserve 25 XO 700ml from the Dominican Republic.
210) Opthimus 25 Year Old 700ml from the Dominican Republic.
211) Unhiq XO Unique Malt Rum 500ml from the Dominican Republic.
212) Barbancourt 1 Star 375ml from Haiti.
213) Saint James Extra Old 750ml from Martinique.
214) Tortuga Gold 12 Year Old Rum 750ml from the Cayman Islands.
215) Tortuga Spiced Rum 200ml from the Cayman Islands.
216) Tortuga Pineapple Rum 200ml from the Cayman Islands.
217) Tortuga Vanilla Rum 200ml from the Cayman Islands.
218) Tortuga Mango Rum 200ml from the Cayman Islands.
219) Tortuga Banana Rum 200ml from the Cayman Islands.
220) Barton Light Rum 200ml from the US Virgin Islands.
221) Cruzan Aged White Rum 1Litre from the US Virgin Islands.
222) Ron Mulata Anejo 700ml from Cuba.
223) Ron Mulata Elixir de Ron 700ml from Cuba.
224) Rhum Mangoustan's 1Litre from France.
225) Distiller's Pride Rum 1Litre from the U.S.A.
226) Old Monk Gold Reserve 1Litre from India.
227) Matusalem Solera 7 Blender 700ml from the Dominican Republic.
228) Cohiba Gran Reserva 12 Anos 700ml from the Domincan Republic.
229) Pampero Anejo Especial 1Litre from Venezuela.
230) Pampero Anejo Seleccion 1938 700ml from Venezuela.
231) Don Lorenzo Dark Reserve Rum 750ml from the Bahamas.
232) Coral Bay Coconut Rum 1Litre from the US Virgin Islands.
233) Mocambo Solera Limitada 1Litre from Mexico.
234) Botran Solera 1893 Gran Reserva 700ml from Guatemala.
235) Quezalteca Especial Aguardiente Añejo 125ml from Guatemala.
236) Caribana Sol Rum 1Litre from Barbados.
237) Contessa XXX Rum 750ml from India.
238) Foursquare 1998 Vintage 700ml from Barbados.
239) Westerhall Estate Vintage Rum 750ml from Grenada.
240) St. Nicholas Abbey 10 Years Old Rum 700ml from Barbados.
241) The Kraken Black Spiced Rum 750ml from the USA.
242) Pampero Oro 700ml from Venezuela.
243) Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 Year Old 700ml from the Dominican Republic.
244) Old Lahaina Gold Rum 1Litre from Hawaii.
245) Bohemio 15 Year Old Gran Reserva 750ml from Panama.
246) Mount Gay Eclipse Black 750ml from Barbados.
247) O.V.D. Old Vatted Demerara Rum 1Litre from Guyana.
248) Angostura Reserva 700ml from Trinidad & Tobago.
249) Angostura 5 Year Old 700ml from Trinidad & Tobago.
250) Cariban Sol Soiced Rum 1Litre from Barbados.
251) Ron Superior Carta Reseva White 700ml from Aruba.
252) Rum Palmera White Label 700ml from Aruba.
252) Rum San Pablo Platinum White 750ml from Curacao.
253) Rum Curacao 700ml from Curacao.
254) Ron Abuelo Centuria 750ml from Panama.
255) Ron Centenario 750ml from Costa Rica.
266) Bear Hug Rum Infusion Wild Berry 750 from Barbados.
267) The Pasion Bahama Spice Rum 200ml from the Bahamas.
268) Angostura's Caribbean Club Rum Punch Passion Fruit 750ml from Trinidad & Tobago.
269) Rhum Negrita Bardinet 700ml from Spain.
270) Venado Especial Rum 750ml from Guatemala.
271) Ron de Caldas Grand  Reserve 750ml from Columbia.
272) Sea Wynde Pot Still Rum 750ml from Jamaica and Guyana.
273) Botran Reserva 750ml from Venezuela.
274) Pusser's British Navy Rum 15 Year Old 750ml British Virgin Islands.
275) Plantation Old Reserve 2000 Trinidad 750ml from Trinidad & Tobago.
276) Plantation Grande Reserve Barbados 750ml from Barbados.
277) Plantation 20th Anniversary Barbados Rum 750ml from Barbados.
278) Governor General Rum 750ml from the USA.
279) Aguardiente Tatascan original 1Litre from Honduras.
280) Worthy Park Gold 750ml from Jamaica.
281) Rum Bar Overproof Rum 750ml from Jamaica.
282) Momento Rum 750ml Guyana.
283) Clarkes Court #37 Blend 700ml from Grenada.
284) Cockspur 12 750ml from Barbados.
285) Ron Arehucas 7 Select Rum 700ml from the Canary Islands.
286) Ron Cartavio Solera 1929 750ml from Peru.
287) Angostura's 7 Year Old 750ml from Trindad & Tobago.
288) Macoucherie Pure Sugar Cane Rum 750ml from Dominca.
289) Siesta Key Rum 750ml from the USA.
290) Siesta Key Gold Rum 750ml from the USA.
291) Carta Viejo Anejo 750ml from Panama.
292) Cadenhead's Green Label Barbados Rum 750ml from Barbados.
293) Ron Medellin 8 Anos Extra Anejo 750ml from Columbia.
294) Don Q Coco 750ml from Puerto Rico.
295) Don Q Pasion 750ml from Puerto Rico.
296) Don Q Mojito 750ml from Puerto Rico.
297) Bacardi Rock Coconut 750ml from Puerto Rico.
298) Bacardi Torched Cherry 750ml from Puerto Rico.
299) Don Q Limon 750ml from Puerto Rico.
300) Lemon Hart Demerara Rum 750ml from Guyana.
301) El Dorado Dark Rum 1Litre from Guyana.
302) Rum Bar Rum Cream 200ml from Jamaica.
303) Admiral Nelson's Spiced Rum 1Litre from the USA. 
304) San Miguel Gran Reserva Black 750ml from Ecuador.
305) San Miguel Reserva Especial 750ml from Ecuador.
306) San Miguel Gold 750ml from Ecuador.
307) San Miguel Silver 750ml from Ecuador.
308) San Miguel Cocktail Daiquiri 750ml from Ecuador.
309) San Miguel Cocktail Passion 750ml from Ecuador.
310) San Miguel Cocktail Mojito 750ml from Ecuador.
311) Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum 700ml from St.Lucia.
312) Marigot Bay Chocolate Orange Liqueur 700ml from St.Lucia.
313) Coyopa Rum 750ml from Barbados.
314) Puntacana Ron Muy Viejo 700ml from the Dominican Republic.
315) Cohiba 8 Years Old 750ml from the Dominican Republic.
316) Wray & Nephew Berry Hill Pimento Allspice Liqueur 750ml from Jamaica.
317) Wray & Nephew Rumona Jamaica Rum Liqueur 750ml from Jamaica.
318) Holey Dollar Rum 700ml from Australia.
319) Ron Cayo Grande Club Blanco Reserva 700ml from Spain.
320) St. Nicholas 8 Years Old Rum 700ml from Barbados.
321) Plantation Gran Anejo 700ml from Guatemala.
322) El Dorado 5 Star Demerara Rum 750ml from Guyana.
323) El Dorado Demerara Rum 375ml from Guyana.
324) Dandrade White Demerara Rum 375ml from Guayana.
325) D'Aguiar's White Rum 200ml from Guyana.
326) D'Aguiar's Xtra Mature Rum 750ml from Guyana.
327) XM Royal Extra Mature Rum 700ml from Guyana.
328) El Dorado Single Barrel PM 750ml from Guyana.
329) Key Caribbean White Rum 500ml from Slovakia.
330) Berling Viuex Labbe 5 Star Rhum 750ml from Haiti.
331) Berling Vieux Labbe Edtion Speciale 750ml from Haiti.
332) St.Aubin White Rum 500ml from Mauritius.
333) St.Aubin Coffee Rum 500ml from Mauritius.
334) St.Aubin Vanilla Rum 500ml from Mauritius.
335) St.Aubin Red Cane Rum 750ml from Mauritius.
336) Plantation Original Dark Overproof 1Litre from Trinidad & Tobago.
337) Burnett's Premium Virgin Islands Rum 750ml from the US Virgin Islands.
338) Banks 5 Island Rum 750ml from the West Indies.
339) 10 Cane (new version) 1Litre from Trindad & Tobago.
340) Ron de Jeremy 750ml from Panama.
341) Ron de Jeremy Spiced 750ml from Panama.
342) James's Harbor Virgin Islands Rum 1Litre from the US Virgin Islands.
343) Conch Republic Dark Rum 1Litre from the US Virgin Islands.
344) Berling Vieux Labbe 3 Star 750ml from Haiti.
345) Berling Cafe Liqueur 750ml from Haiti.
346) Berling Rhum Punch 750ml from Haiti.
347) Maxibar Rum the Original 700ml from Portugal.

The good stuff now has it's own shelf.