The Sugar Cane Plant.
Saccharum Officinarum.
Stolen Rum from New Zealand.

Stolen Rum is the latest rum to be recently launched in New Zealand by Jamie Duff and Roger Holmes, who gave up their day jobs to start their own rum company.

This rum is born in the Caribbean and raised in New Zealand. The owners mission was to bring Caribbean rum to a new audience in New Zealand. To accomplish this mission they toured around the Caribbean searching for the best rums available. While discovering the beauty of the Caribbean islands the pair stumbled upon an old distillery that had been producing rum since the early 1900's.

So far there is a gold rum and a white rum, but there are plans to introduce a dark and an overproof rum. All the rums are distilled from sugar cane molasses and aged in charred oak barrels that once aged bourbon. The white rum is a two year old rum, while the gold is a four year old rum.

The Rumelier hopes to taste some Stolen Rum in the near future and will post a review at a later date. 


The Rumelier Selected to Rum Expert Panel
The Rumelier has been selected to become a member of the Rum Expert Panel organized by Robert Burr of the Gifted Rums Guide. This panel is a collection of rum experts, authors, lecturers, trainers, historians, consultants, proprietors, mixologists and promoters of rum.
This international panel has been established to review any new rum products coming into the spirits market. This panel has some of the most famous rum experts in the world who have a lifetime of experience with cane spirits. Together they will judge the new product on a variety of categories, still yet to be finalised. This will help the rum producers evaluate how their product will be received in the market.
To view the other rum experts on the panel click on this link:-


Rum Jungle, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

A Part of the Rum Selection at Rum Jungle.
Rum Jungle is in the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

Karl Schwolow, Assistant General Manager of the Rum Jungle in Las Vegas recently sent The Rumelier the photo shown above of their amazing collection of over 250 rums from around the world.

The photo shows just one section of the bar. Apparently there are four identical bars, with each one carrying 250 selections of rum.

So if you are ever in Las Vegas and need a glass of rum this is the place to visit. Prices start at about US$9 a shot and go up to US$125 for a shot of El Dorado 25 Year Old. They also have 9 rum flights to sample starting at US20 each.

Rum Jungle Brazilian Rodizio Restaurant and Nightclub is located at the Mandalay Bay, 3950, Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las vegas, NV. 89119


Bambarra Reserve Wins Gold in Puerto Rican Rum Tasting Competition

The Wine Cellar in conjunction with Bambarra Rum is pleased to announce that Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve Rum won a gold medal in the "Taste of Rum, An International Rum and Food Festival" held in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 23-24, 2009.

This was the first competition Bambarra Reserve Rum had entered. It was entered in the "International Aged Rum" category, where it swept the category. Other rums in the competition included Bacardi, Brugal, Barcelo, Don Q, Malibu, Castillo, Barrilito, 10 Cane, Trigo, Palo Viejo, Ron Llave, Ron Canita and Ron Granado.

The Bambarra rums are the first rums to be blended and bottled in the Turks and Caicos Islands and are distributed exclusively by the Wine Cellar, Provdenciales. The Bambarra Rums were launched in November, 2008, and have since become very popular with locals and tourists alike.

Bambarra Reserve Rum is one of four rums in the Bambarra range. The others being Bambarra 2 Year Old Gold Rum, Bambarra 2 Year Old Silver Rum and the soon to be released Bambarra Coconut Rum.

Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve Rum is a blend of rums that have been aged a minimum of eight years in once used American oak barrels, that previously held aged Bourbon. The combination of oak and bourbon give the rum a very smooth, citrus, vanilla taste, that is perfect for sipping straight or over a few cubes of ice and maybe a splash of water. For those who don't like to drink their rum straight this rum also makes a perfect cocktail where a strong rum taste is desired.

Bambarra Rum is named after the liberated African slaves who were released after the slave ship, the Trouvadore, they were enslaved on, ran aground off East Caicos in 1841 on its way to Cuba. These slaves were released in the Turks and Caicos islands, as slavery had been abolished in the British Empire.

Once in the Turks and Caicos Islands the freed slaves began a new life, with many working in the salt trade. Several of these former slaves settled in Bambarra, on Middle Caicos, which today remains the only settlement in the Turks and Caicos Islands with an African name. Bambarra Rums are a salute to the winds of fate that blew the slaves onto East Caicos and to their subsequent freedom in the tropical paradise of the Turks and Caicos Islands.Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve Rum retails at approximately $17 to $20 and is available at most liquor stores and restaurants in Providenciales.

Bundaberg Distillery, Australia

A friend and former co-worker of The Rumelier's just sent this photograph of himself infront of the Bundaberg Distillery in Australia.

Colin recently emigrated to Australia to get married and spent a fun day taking the long four hour drive north from Brisbane to the distillery. Unfortunately he was not allowed to take any photographs of the inside of the distillery, but he did manage to pick a few bottles of limited production rums.

Bundaberg Distillery, Australia.

Colin also shared the following interesting story of why Bundaberg use a Polar Bear as its logo:-

" Little story that I learned and forgot to tell you about. The true reason that Bundaberg has a polar bear on the label is...Way back a long time ago Bundaberg was only drank in the warmer ("Tropical") states in Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory because they are very close to the actual town of Bundaberg where the rum is made. To increase distribution they needed to make the rum appeal to the cold state of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. To do this they felt that an image that represents this cold would increase the appeal. Given that the most fierce cold weather animal that Australia has is a penguin they decided to widen the search. They decide that a fierce polar bear represented the manliness and would have the cold state appeal they were looking for. True story from the distillery itself!"

St.Vincent Distillers Ltd. at Mount Bentwick.

St.Vincent Distillers Launches New Rum 

St. Vincent Distillers Ltd launched its new, award-winning Captain Bligh XO rum brand, locally at the Grenadine House on Wednesday, 6th May, 2009.

This latest addition to the lineup of the 81-year-old St. Vincent distillery, which is renowned for its world-famous Sunset brand overproof rum, comes in a stylish box aimed at consumers, of high quality, aged rum. It is currently available at retail outlets nationwide.

In March, 2009, Captain Bligh won a gold medal at the 4th annual Polished Palate International Rum Competition, held at the historic Ritz complex in Tampa, Florida’s fashionable Ybor City. The competition featured an international panel of judges who sampled, evaluated and compared 53 of the finest rums and other spirits, to select this year’s honour roll.

Captain Bligh is a consistent Gold Medal award winner in rum tasting competitions around the world.

“With its new, smooth taste and improved packaging, Captain Bligh XO Rum is a product that hotels, restaurants and bars, can proudly offer their customers,” said Phillippa Greaves, of the Export/Promotions Department at St. Vincent Distillers. “Captain Bligh XO is a local product of high quality, aged and blended to perfection.”

It is well known, Greaves added, that when tourists travel to a foreign country, they prefer to drink a local beverage at the bar. “This is where Captain Bligh XO can be proudly offered,” she says. “It is a win/win situation: for the hotel/restaurant, for visiting tourists and also for St. Vincent, because it is a locally distilled product, keeps the revenue in the country, and provides employment.”

St. Vincent Distillers, Ltd. is located at Mount Bentick on the north windward side of St. Vincent. The company has been in continuous operation for over 70 years. Recently, the operation has been undergoing a modernization under the direction of General Manager Ken Greaves. New stainless steel vats are just one of the many upgrades carried out at the Distillery.

Bacardi Flavors New Look


Bacardi has announced a new premium look for their line of flavored rums. This will be the first change since the original package came out in Bacardi Limon in 1995. The bottle will be a more sophisticated eliptical shape, showing a more modern design. There will also be a change in the label, that communicates a quality product. The label has been completey redesigned and has been reduced in size. The bottle will also have a new satin silver flat top cap. They look pretty good.

One flavour The Rumelier saw while in Puerto Rico recently was a flavour called Peach Red, that he had not seen before.

Old Master Rums from Belize

Old Master Rums from Belize.
There is also a Extra Mature Rum in the range.

Old Master Rums from Belize
The Rumelier was lucky enough to receive some samples of Old Master Rum from Belize recently. Unfortunately one of the samples, the "Extra Mature Rum" did not make the long journey intact, but did smell very good! The other samples received were a "Silver Rum" and a "Coconut Rum".
The Rumelier has never heard of these rums before and is busy trying to find out some more information about them. What he has found out is that the company producing the rum in Belize is a family owned and operated company, that has been making rum products for the last 50 years. The rums produced had mainly been for the local market, but with the icrease in tourism in the region the idea recently has been to try and find an export market for their range of rums and liquors.
The company produce five rums, Old Master Silver Rum, Old Master Gold Rum, Old Master Coconut Rum, Old Master Over Proof Rum and Old Master Extra Mature Rum. They also produce several liquors and liqueurs.(pictured above)
The Rumelier has had a small sample of the Silver Rum and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth this rum was. Even Mrs. Rumelier thought it was a smooth rum. He will do a brief review on this rum shortly.
When more information becomes available The Rumelier will post it here.

Mystery Rum Bottles
The Rumelier recently acquired this interesting old liquor bottle. It supposedly held rum in its younger days. The glass barrel of the cannon is the actual bottle, while the wooden base is a music box, that plays a quiet tune. The cap in the barrel covers a cork that acts as the bottle stopper. It is covered in a leather like layer. The canon is about 13" long and 4" wide and apparently plays a tune called "How dry I am".
If anybody has any information about this bottle The Rumelier would be very interested to hear from you.
The bottle is a great addition to The Rumelier's rum bottle collection.

An old rum bottle in the shape of a cannon?

A photo of another mystery bottle of rum was sent to The Rumelier recently from a reader in Scotland, who has taken the bottle, shown below, to his boat in France. He needs some help to find out if this is a bottle of rum and how much it would be worth. If anybody has any information please e-mail The Rumelier at the address shown below.
Update:- The knowledgeable rum lovers at the Ministry of Rum have found the answer to this one, especially Robert Burr of Gifted Rums. This was a pleasant surprise. Click on the photo of the bottle below for a link of complete photos of this bottle.
More information about why the glass used in this bottle was green, was sent to The Rumelier by someone who is researching old Bacardi bottles for a book he is writing.

  "Pepin, the archivist/historian at Bacardi said that the light green colored glass of the Bacardi rum bottles is called "Georgia Green." Apparently the Coca-Cola Company was using it for their product and Bacardi approached them early on to see if they could also use it. It seems that the cozy relationship between Bacardi and Coke was already established at that point and they felt that the same color of bottle would only enhance the business and marketing relationship."

This is very interesting. Of course this was before Castro and the embargo days of present, when US and Cuban companies worked together. This rum bottle was actually made in the USA.

Another mystery rum bottle?

Bristol Classic Rums
The Rumelier is in the process of trying to import some of the fine rums that are being aged and bottled in the UK by a company called Bristol Spirits Limited.
John Barret the director of the company seeks out small quantities of rum, sometimes single barrels from a single distillery or a single estate or even a single still, to show rum in its true unblended form.
After many years of careful maturation in damp, dark cellars, these rare rums are bottled in limited quantities. Each is bottled straight from the cask at its optimum strength, without chilling and minimum filtration, to preserve the bouquet and taste of the rum.
The city of Bristol has a long history of trading with the Caribbean and Bristol Spirits is keeping this tradition alive by importing and maturing these exceptional rums, that will hopefully be available in the Turks and Caicos Islands very shortly.
Click on the photo shown above to go to Bristol Classic Rums website.

Bristol Classic Rums from England.

Rum in a can
Ready To Drink (RTD) products are not a new concept by any means and new products keep popping up all the time. Whether they come in a can, like the Cuba Libre shown below, or come in a bottle, the variety is huge aorund the Caribbean and Central and South America.
The produces of Bambarra Rum are exploring the possibilities of introducing some of these products to the market, most likely starting with a Cuba Libre, Bambarra Mama or a Mojito.
Unfortunately due to the Customs Import Duty structure such products are not available now in the Turks and Caicos Islands as they would be treated like regular rum based products and be subject to heavy import duties. So there is obviously a gap in the market for Bambarra to exploit.
The Rumelier looks forward to trying some of these products when they are launched in the near future.

Rum in a can.
Cuba Libre or Rum and Cola.
The Newly Launched Bambarra Rums.

Bambarra Rum Launch

The newest rum from the Turks and Caicos Islands will be officially launched at Nikki Beach Resort in Leeward, Providenciales on Saturday 29th, November, 2008.

This is an all black affair, everybody is expected to wear black clothes and entry will be by invitation only. All sorts of cocktails will be available containing the exciting new line of Bambarra Rum. There is a two year old silver rum, a two year old gold rum and an eight year old reserve rum.

The silver and the gold are ideal for mixing in your favourite cocktails, while the reserve has been designed as a premium sipping rum, to be drunk neat or on the rocks, maybe with a splash of water or lime juice.

The Rumelier will be present to answer any questions about the rum and answer any other questions about rum in general.

Bambarra Rums will also be available earlier in the day at the annual Conch Festival (see below for more information) and on the Friday night at a pre-launch party at The Players Club.

This promises to be a great weekend of rum drinking!!

For more information contact The Rumelier at the address shown at the bottom of this page.


A Junkanoo Costume for Bambarra Rum.

New Look for Cruzan Rum Bottles

The newly designed Cruzan Rum bottles.
This is the range of flavoured rums fom Cruzan.

Cruzan Rums from the US Virgin Islands will be getting a facelift in the very near future. Beam Brands recently took over the Cruzan Rum portfolio from V & S, who were already in the middle of the package redesign. Beam Brands have decided to continue with this re-design of their complete range of rums.

The aged rums are already being bottled in their new package, with the flavoured rums and rum cream to follow in the coming months.

As you can see from the photographs above and below these rums will be an attractive addition to any rum collection. Lets hope the rum continues to remain the same high quality rum that we are all used to, in keeping with the Nelthropp family tradition.

The new look for Cruzan dark rums.
Cruzan Light Rum gets a new look.



Exciting news out of Puerto Rico is that a Rum Fest is being held this year in San Juan.

The dates of the festival are Saturday May 23rd 2009.

Included in the festival will be the Puerto Rico International Rum Competition.

Sponsors of the event include "Compania de Turismo", "Rums of Puerto Rico" "Ministry of Rum" and "Caña Restaurant".

The Puerto Rican International Rum Competition:-

The Rum Festival will be the island's official National - Caribbean Rum Festival and Competition.

The event will be held at Paseo La Princesa, Viejo San Juan during the weekend of May 23rd 2009.

Puerto Rico is known for its world-class rum and as the Rum Capital of the World. Thus, the importance of hosting such a cutting-edge event.

The Rum Festival is the ideal setting for rum connoisseurs world-wide, attracting visitors from Europe, Latin America, the United States mainland and the neighbouring islands of the Caribbean.

Visitors will experience a wide variety of local and international rums, great food from Purto Rico and participating neigbouring islands. They will also experience live music and enjoy a feast of Puerto Rican joyful energy, culinary and musical richness and culture.

The Festival will host the Puerto Rico International Rum Competition: A rum tasting contest featuring international and local rums judged by an honorary panel of respected and world renowned Rum Experts, Magazine Editors, National TV Anchors and celebrity personalities.

Throughout the years The Rum Fest is destined to attract nationwide media and news in order to promote Puerto Rican rum as a great Rum and Vacation Destination.

Click here or on the logo above or below to get to The Rum Fest website for the most uptodate news.



While The Rumelier was ordering a glass of Bacardi at the Mojito Bar at Miami Airport recently, a red bottle at the back of the bar caught his eye. What was this attractive red coloured bottle doing with the other familar Bacardi products on the shelf? After asking a few questions, it turned out to be a new white rum called Rubi Rey Reserve Rum, Single Barrel Finished White Rum. Further investigation was needed on The Rumelier's return home after a week in St.Kitts, and this is what he found out:-

Rubi Rey Reserve Rum is made in a little town in the north of Puerto Rico called Palo Seco. The rum derives it's taste from the way it is produced. It is aged and stored near the doors in a warehouse where the doors are left open so that the salt air penetrates the oak barrels. It is made in small batches and aged for two to three years in white American oak barrels. The Original Single Barrel Finished White Rum then undergoes a very selective process by which it is hand selected and then slowly blended and drip filtered to achieve the perfect clarity and taste.

All the reviews appear to give this rum the thumbs up, even from people who regularly don't drink Bacardi products. It is an exciting change of approach for the Bacardi family, who have not bought out a new white rum for centuries (not including the flavoured ones), could this mean there are more new rums to come. The Rumelier will have to hunt down a bottle on his next travels or have one of his rum mules smuggle a bottle back from the States in the near future.

Update Mrs. Rumelier has managed to hunt down a bottle of Rubi Rey on her recent travels to the Bahamas.

The Rumelier just got to sample the rum for the first time. It is surprisingly tasty and has a great aroma to it. The taste has a little spice, but has an overall sweet taste to it. This would make a great mixer, the next step will be to try it in some cocktails. The Rumelier did add a twist of fresh key lime after his initial sampling and this made a very good little sipper.

The New Bacardi White Rum, Rubi Rey.

Rubi Rey Tasting Notes

Bacardi Rubi Rey Reserve Rum is clear with a creamy and toasty coconut, date and white toffee aroma. A round smooth entry leads to an off-dry medium body of coconut creme brulee and pureed banana flavours, with a spicy, peppery snap. This rum finishes with a tongue warming wave of white pepper, minerals, nuts and vanilla beans. A rather elegant, supple, and delicately sweet white rum that has an attractive nose and flavour, with a tingling finish.


That's right, sugar cane vodka. While this isn't necessarily a new concept, there is a new sugar cane vodka on the market and it is called Ceren Vodka. This vodka is from Ceren (suh-ren), an agricultural village in El Salvador, that was once buried by a volcanic eruption. It was recently dug up, and the site has been called the "Pompeii of the New World."
This vodka is created from organic sugar cane and volcanically filtered spring water, being distilled using a continuous five-column still and then charcoal filtered three times.
This premium vodka is being imported into the USA by Rio Blanco Spirits, who are based in Denver, Colorado. It comes in an attractive elegant bottle that is sure to stand out from the many premium vodkas available.

Update:- Ceren Vodka was officially launched in the Turks and Caicos Islands on Friday August 1st 2008 at the new Nikki Beach Resort, Leeward Marina, Providenciales. The launch coincided with the annual Music Festival.

Ceren Sugar Cane Vodka from El Salvador.




The Rumelier will be travelling to Grand Cayman at the beginning of October for some R & R (rum and rest). However, as usual, he will be hunting down all the rum attractions on the island during his brief visit.

He hopes to visit the home of Seven Fathoms Rum and Tortuga Rums while in the Cayman Islands. Seven Fathoms Rum is the rum that is aged underwater, while Tortuga Rums are not only known their rum, but also most famous for making rum cakes.

The Rumelier predicts he will have a suitcase full of rum and cakes on his return journey.

Please check back in October for the full story and many photographs. 



The Rumelier will be attending Rum Renaissance Miami in Miami, Florida, May 13th to 17th, 2009. This event is being organised by Robert Burr from the "Gifted Rums Guide" and looks like being a huge event due to Miami's ease of accessibility for most Caribbean rum producers.

There will be, amongst other things, rum exhibitions, rum experts, pool and beach parties with live music and great food.

Keep coming back for more updates as they become available and click on the photo below to go to the website.


Bahamas Trip February 2009

The Rumelier and Mrs.Rumelier took a quick visit up to the Bahamas in February. While there they got a chance to visit several historic sights in Nassau before flying on to Freeport to visit family and friends.

In Nassau The Rumelier tried to visit the Bacardi Distillery, which is in the final stages of closure. Unfortunately he was unable to gain access into the distillery, despite spending several minutes trying to persuade Security and Management that he was no threat to their security. There will be a couple of photos added to the Bahamas Rums page on this site of the entrance to the distillery.

The distillery is due to finally close in April this year. The tourist tours of the plant finished last year. It was also noticeable that much of the Bacardi rums on the liquor store shelves are now from Puerto Rico.

While trying to gain acess to the plant, several tanker trucks came and went through the main gate, either on their way or returning from the Clifton Pier transhipment facility. The company is obviously still exporting large quantities of rum either to is regular destination of Europe or to the main production facility for the Caribbean, Puerto Rico.

Also while in Nassau The Rumelier got to visit the Bacardi Concept Store on historic Bay Street. The store was full of the various Bacardi products available in the Bahamas. There was also a good selection of Bacardi branded clothing products.

One rum that was available in the store was the Bacardi Reserva Limitada which previously was only to be found at Casa Bacardi in Puerto Rico. There was also some remaining flavoured Nassau Royale Rums, that presumeably will soon be discontinued.

After spending a couple of days in Nassau is was time to fly up to Freeport, Grand Bahama for a few days of relaxation, golf and catching up with old friends.

The Rumelier visited several liquor stores trying to hunt down some rare bottles of rum. The most common rums were the ones bottled in the Bahamas, such as Ole Nassau and Ron Ricardo. Obviously there was a good selection of Bacardi rums aswell including Nassau Royale flavoured rums. The Rumelier managed to find a store that had a very good selection of Cuban rums, where he purchased three bottles of premium rum to add to his collection.

It is definitely a shame that rum will no longer be distilled in the Bahamas.


Puerto Rico Beer/Rum Trip January 2009

The Rumelier got an early start on his travelling in 2009 with a very short trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico to attend a beer conference. Whilst in San Juan he however did manage to fit in a day of rumming to nearby Ron del Barrilito, Casa Bacardi, the Don Q Museum and Koco Restaurant and Rum Bar.

This has to be considered one of the best days rumming The Rumelier has ever had in the Caribbean. What made it very special was meeting two online friends from The Ministry of Rum, Rum Lovers Forum, Jim from Vieques and Federico from San Juan. Their local knowledge made all the difference in the rum filled day.

For the full story of this magnificient day please visit the Puerto Rico Trip page on this site.

Minister of Rum Ed Hamilton at the Rumfest.
Ed tasting some fine Vigia, Cuban rum.


The Rumelier has recently returned from this year's Rumfest in London, England. This was held in the Lawrence Hall, The Royal Horticultural Halls, Victoria, London. October 25th to 26th, 2008.
The Rumelier spent ten days in England, with the final three days spent touring around London and visiting the Rumfest. The Rumfest was a well organised event, with numerous rum producers and suppliers on display. All the rums on display were available for tasting and the vast majority were also available for purchase.
The Rumelier was lucky enough to spend some time tasting rums with the Minister of Rum, Ed Hamilton and Gifted Rums Guide publisher Robert Burr. One of the best parts of the Rumfest was meeting several of the people who produce the actual rums. This was very interesting, and hopefully The Rumelier will have a chance to go and see some of these rums being distilled for himself in the near future.
While in London The Rumelier also paid a visit to Vinopolis. Vinopolis is a wine discovery attraction in the heart of London. They also have a rum section, which was the main purpose for the visit. Lots of Doorly's XO was consumed during this short visit. Another attraction visited was the historic Naval Dockyard in Portsmouth. This included a tour of Nelson's flagship H.M.S. Victory and the Mary Rose.
This trip was a great chance to drink some fine new rums and visit family and old friends and The Rumelier is sure this will become a fixture in his calender in future years.
Click on the photo below to go to the Rumfest website.

The Rumelier at the Ron Diplomatico stand.
The Rumelier, a rum guru and Jose from Diplomatico.
The Flag of Jamaica.


The Rumelier has just returned from a visit to Jamaica at the end of May. The main purpose of this trip was to visit the Appleton Distillery. He visited both the Nassau Valley, where the rum is produced as well as the headquarters in Kingston where the rum is aged, blended and bottled.
This was the Rumelier's third visit to Jamaica, with previous stays in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. This time he stayed in Port Royal, the old haunt of pirates and buccaneers, such as Henry Morgan, Blackbeard and Calico Jack, some of the first big rum drinkers. Pirates these days have traded in their sailing boats for taxis!
The Rumelier also managed to hunt down some of the lesser known rums from Jamaica. Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum is the national drink of Jamaica and The Rumelier was persuaded into sampling a few glasses of this strong rum. This rum accounts for 90% of the rum being sold in Jamaica. He also drank numerous glasses of Edwin Charley Rum, which is currently not avaiable in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This was the most pleasant surprise of the trip. He managed to pick up a bottle of Edwin Charley Enlightenment at the airport on his departure and is looking forward to sampling this rum, one of four in the range.

The Rumelier has just managed to place an order for a couple of bottles of the new Appleton 30 Year Old Rum that is to be released shortly. This rum should be a great addition to his collection and he is really looking forward to tasting what should be a great rum. This is a one time limited addition that will not be available again.
Only about 1400 bottles of this rum are being made available to the public which will retail for about US$350.
Go to the Jamaican Rum Trip page on this site for more details and photos of the trip.

St.Kitts and Nevis Flag.


The Rumelier has just returned from a weeks visit to St.Kitts and Nevis. In his first visit to beautiful St.Kitts and Nevis The Rumelier had a great trip on the narrow gauge sugar cane railway that goes around the island, now called the "Scenic Railway", aswell as visiting an abandoned sugarmill. There were numerous abandoned sugar plantations all over St.Kitts to explore. But mostly, there was lots of rum to discover, especially the local moonshine called "Culture" or "Hammond". The Rumelier was lucky enough to be given a tour of an illegal still during his stay in St.Kitts, surely the highlight of the trip.
Brinley's flavoured rums are also bottled on the island and so is CSR, which once was called Cane Spirit Rothschild (CSR) is no longer being produced, after the distillery closed down in 1998. It has now become Cane Spirit Ritchmont and is bottled locally by DDL.
Belmont rums are also bottled on the island and come in 4 different flavours.
Demerara Distillers Limited (El Dorado Rums) have a small bottling plant on the island that the Rumelier toured, thanks to the friendly people of D.D.L.
To read the full story of the trip, a page on this site has been dedicated to the St.Kitts Rum Trip.

A sugar cane crusher at the sugarmill.
There were several of these in varying sizes.
Sugar Cane Growing Tall in St.Kitts.


The Rumelier has recently come back from a flying visit to Trinidad and Tobago in the Southern Caribbean. While there he was lucky enough to visit the friendly people of Angostura Rums in Laventille, Trinidad.
The Angostura distillery is the largest in the English speaking Caribbean, with their speciality being the sale of bulk rums. They also bottle rums in their extensive bottling plant, from small 50ml bottles up to 1.5 litre bottles and even mini-kegs.
Most of the rum produced is shipped all over the world in 210 litre plastic drums or by 20 foot rum containers and even by tanker ship load from their bulk storage tanks at the dock in Chaguaramas.
Angostura have an extensive range of fine rums, both for their domestic market and for the international market, and they also bottle rums for many private labels aswell.
Millions of litres of rum are aged in oak barrels in their three huge ageing warehouses. As you walk around the distillery there is a constant aroma of molasses and rum, a pure delight.
The Rumelier was fortunate enough to sample many of the fine rums produced under several labels. The highlight has to be their fine premium rums, 1824, 1919, Single Barrel and Royal Oak. All these rums would be a great addition to any rum collection and have certainly become an important addition to The Rumelier's personal collection, along with the very famous limbo drummer rum bottle.
Of course you cannot go to visit Angostura without trying the world renowned Angostura Aromatic Bitters. These small bottles are everywhere in Trinidad and Tobago and are added to every form of meal or drink. Bitters were the company's first product, it was much later when they got into rum production. There is now a new addition to the original version, Orange Bitters.

Also on the distillery site is a small museum that houses a large butterfly collection, aswell as a rum and bitters museum. This is a very interesting way to spend some time while at the distillery, which is situated near the main entrance and retail store.


The Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.
1824 Rum from Angostura.
The Premium Rum from Trinidad and Tobago.

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