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Bambarra Rum
The Spirit of the Turks and Caicos

The Inspiration for Bambarra Rum.
Bambarra Beach, Middle Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands.

Celebrating a Legacy of Freedom

Bambarra Rum is the result of over 2 years of hard work by many people. The concept developed out of the need for the Turks and Caicos Islands to have its own rum like so many other great Caribbean islands. A rum that properly represented the quality and heritage of the Turks and Caicos.

Great time was spent insuring that the best Caribbean rums were available for blending and that a product was developed that represented the culture and heritage of the islands. Inspired by one of the original settlements in picturesque Middle Caicos, it takes its name from the home of the African settlers who were delivered to the shores of the TCI by the winds of fate aboard the wrecked slave trader Trouvadore in 1841. A life of freedom was theirs upon landfall; at a place they called Bambarra Beach. From there they planted the seeds of a nation. With them came traditions and culture that those who live and enjoy the Turks & Caicos island still enjoy today - such as the colorful Masquerading party, intricate craft weaving, and the fine art of smoothly blended sugar cane rum. Everyone who worked on the creation of this product feels that they have succeeded in creating a rum that embodies all that they set out to achieve.

Both the silver and gold 2 year old blends are very smooth for such young rums and are of a quality that they can be enjoyed straight up but truly come to life when mixed in classic cocktails like the Cuba Libres, Mojitos and rum punch. The 8 Year Old Reserve Rum is exceptionally smooth and displays strong Vanilla, Oak, Cinnamon and Nutmeg notes in both the nose and on the pallet.   This rum should first be enjoyed on the rocks and also in premium cocktails where the richness and character of the blend will come through.

It is also with excitement and result of a lucky twist of fate, that this week the US funded Ships of Discovery Marine Archeology Institute have announced that they are confident that after 15 years of searching they have found the wreck of the Trouvadore. The ship that was the inspiration for this rum and also the cultural link that fueled the development of this nation over 150 years ago.

To honour this discovery and the cultural significance it represents, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Bambarra Rum will be donated to the Turks & Caicos National Museum in Grand Turk, and the TCI National Trust, both of which protect and honor the Turks and Caicos Islands valuable historical assets, including those on Middle Caicos, the inspiration for Bambarra Rum.

Trouvadore Website:-

"Welcome to Bambarra"
The Recently Released Bambarra Rums.
Bambarra Silver, Reserve and Gold Rums.
One of the first barrels of Bambarra Rum Gold.

Bambarra Rum is the latest line of rums to be launched in the Turks and Caicos Islands. These fine rums are the very first to be blended, bottled and labelled in the islands. They are available in a Two Year Old Silver, Two Year Old Gold and an Eight Year Old Reserve.
The produces of this rum have searched all over the Caribbean for many years, looking for only the best available rums. They are confident that the rums will compete with the best rums in the market and will also be very reasonably priced. They hope that these rums will become the spirit of choice for the Turks and Caicos Islands and its people.
The range of rums was officially launched at the Nikki Beach Resort at Leeward Marina, Providenciales, on November 29th, Thanksgiving weekend. This was what can be described as a grand affair, with everybody wearing black clothes to represent the main colour of the bottle's label.
There was also be a special rum sampling event at the annual Conch Festival in Blue Hills earlier in the day.
The rums had previously been available in very limited amounts for special tastings. The reaction to these rums was very favourable from all those lucky people who have had the opportunity to taste them. Now they are on sale to the general public and are receiving rave reviews, especially the 8 Year Old Reserve. Hopefully all the rums will be available in every bar and restaurant in the Turks and Caicos Islands very shortly.

A Junkanoo Skirt with the Bambarra Logo Mask.

Bambarra Production Photos

The new rums await bottling and labelling.
Adding the labels to the Bambarra Rum.
Bottling the Bambarra Silver Rum by hand.
Blending tank and production line of Bambarra.

Bambarra Rum Launch November 29th 2008
The official launch of Bambarra Rum occurred Saturday 29th November at the Nikki Beach Resort, at Leeward, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.
This was a grand all black affair, where all attendees were expected to dress in black clothes, to match the Bambarra bottle labels, which are predominately black.
Many local dignitaries and restaurant owners and managers were present, where they were treated to fine rum cocktails, fire dancers, a Junkanoo group, speeches and a Bambarra Reserve Rum tasting and education bar.
To see a brief video of the local TV station's report on the launch click on the link below.

A Junkanoo Rush at the recent Bambarra Launch.
A Bambarra Welcome Cocktail Bar.
The ladies who will be selling the rum.
Local Fire Dancers Welcome Bambarra Rums.

Rum Review

Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve Rum

Official Tasting Notes:-

Bambarra 8yr Reserve is a select blend of Caribbean rums aged to a minimum 8 years in American oak barrels. Its smooth and delicious flavor is highlighted with delightful vanilla notes and complimented by its rich amber colour. Bamabara 8 Year Old Reserve is excellent on ice or as an ingredient in any premium rum drink.

The Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve.

Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve Review

The first thing you notice about the Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve Rum is the distinctive French glass bottle the rum comes in. It is a very solid heavy bottle with a silver cap.

The locally designed label has a very colourful design, that shows up well on the black background. The dancers on the label appear to be jumping out of the rum with their musical instruments.

When the rum is poured in a snifter the colour of the rum really begins to display itself, it shows up as golden brown/amber, obviously obtained from the over eight years in contact with used charred American oak barrels.

After a slow swirl of the snifter the legs finally form and roll slowly down the inside of the glass, like wax running down a candle.

The aromas appear to change the more you ingest. They go from light sweet, caramel, vanilla notes to heavy woody, delicate spicy, oak.

The palate confirms these tastes and its almost chameleon like, where the tastes begin light and smooth and finally finishes up with a heavy, pleasant long finale, with very little burn.

When Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve is tasted alongside many famous rums, some much more mature in terms of age, this rum has managed to hold its own and has outshone the vast majority of the competition. This is truly a classic rum that is clearly meant for sipping on the rocks, maybe with a splash of water, if you are too impatient to wait for the ice to melt.

Sit down after dinner and fill your favourite glass with a generous pour of this rum and enjoy a unique rum tasting experience. This rum would be at home on the top shelf of any rum collection, and will outshine rums at twice or three times the price.

Suggested retail price US$16:99

Very Highly Recommended.

The African Heritage of Middle Caicos.

Bambarra Reserve Rum Gets Rave Reviews
The newly launched Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve Rum is receiving rave reviews from rum lovers all over the Turks and Caicos Islands. People everywhere who have been lucky enough to taste this newly launched rum have done nothing but heaped praise on it. Even people who are not normally rum lovers are being converted to this rum daily.
It is believed that the Reserve is actually outselling the Gold and Silver versions of the rum. The Rumelier often gets stopped on the street by people who want to discuss the taste of this new rum, and as a result many bars and restaurants are beginning to stock the rum.
Here is a review on the "Discover Turks and Caicos" website:-
Bambarra Rum even gets a mention in the "Frommer's Travel Guide" as one of the top 50 things to do while visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands:-
Another recent review of the Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve on the "Minstry Of Rum, Rum Lovers Forum" by member Rum Bluff from South Carolina:-
"My friend just brought back a bottle of the new bambarra 8 year from The Rumelier home island. He is a lucky guy to have good access to this spirit as it was cracked and half gone in 30 minutes with my rum running friends. Very good for a brief history"
Another review from Ministry of Rum member, Rum Runner from Vieques, Puerto Rico, who is a former sommelier:-
"Bob...I've been nosing and tasting the 8 for a few nights now and trying to find something I don't like about it. And I f*****g can't find anything not to like about this blend. Well done! A very nice nose and palate. Vanilla, Oak and Cacao are what I pick up on in the nose and palate. The 37.5 % proof makes for a very easy straight drink. I think the low bottling proof might be a problem in a cocktail for me...But why muck it up in a cocktail??? I love it with one small cube of ice."
Another review from Ministry of Rum member Rumdog 007 from California:-
"I received my Bambarra. It's wonderful! I will be needing a lot more of this stuff. I hope there are more rums which you need from California, for trade! I drew a pint off for Forrest so that he can review it on his blog. I took a picture of the bottle for him while it was still full. Anyway, great job on the blend."
An indepth review for the Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve comes from Forrest from California, another Minisry of Rum member and creator of a blog on alcohol and cocktails:-
"In 1841, on the way to Cuba (South East of Barbados) the Trouvadore, a Spanish slave trading ship, crashed on a reef just off East Caicos. One hundred and ninety-two survivors made it to the shore of this tropical island to find that under British rule, the slave trade was illegal and they were to be liberated. Hailing from Africa, they began a new life on the Turks & Caicos as free people and named the settlement "Bambarra" which refers not only to the Bamberra people of Africa, and the Bambarra Empire that been stolen from, but also “Bambarra” can be translated to mean: "accepting of no master". Captured from a war torn homeland, sold into slavery, and shipwrecked on a foreign island to find freedom and hope in a tropical paradise with possibilities beyond all of their experience; from the chaotic winds of fate opportunity emerges from tribulation and Bambarra the settlement was created on Caicos. Bambarra the rum is offered to celebrate the spirit of these 'settlers', to commemorate their settlement, and honor the influence

I am looking at the Bambarra 8 year old, and it is good, another gift from a kind friend (who also took the picture of the Bottle for me!!)!

An aromatic bouquet of vanilla steeped in cane/ corn syrup is backed up by notes of cola and honeyed lime zest with an undercurrent of fresh slit oak, toasty cedar and cigar box. So soft and supple an invitation with the earthy must of oxidized fruit dominated by wonderful vanilla (creme brulee after a lot of air) and hinting at tobacco, new leather and gunpowder tea.

The first approach of Bambarra 8 follows the hints given by the nosing, but shift quickly in mid palate through burnt spice, chicory, quince, rhubarb, deep extracted gunpowder tea with honey and damp wood while maintaining its brisk pace as it crosses the back palate with a bright burst of dried ginger, cinnamon and toasty bitter almond.

Starts with a surprising burst of alcohol and a nice fade of treacle, rich cinnamon, and spice that lingers while pleasantly enlivening your palate with subtle reminders that reveals each flavor in turn.

Is soft vanilla washed cut wood, brown bread crust and baking spice.

This is a tasty rum that has been a pleasure to drink neat, but with an ice cube it gets even lovelier, and in a drink that demands a strong rum presence this is perfect.

Here I offer a creation to join in the celebration of Bambarra the people that triumphed over many adversities, the people who are 'accepting of no master'; the place they made their home, and the rum made to honor their influence:

2 Shots Bambarra 8
1 Guava (or whatever you have fresh locally!)
A dash of cane/ or simple syrup (adjust to fruit sweetness)

Quarter the Guava (pick a juicy one) and muddle
Add the Bambarra, shake with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass 
To go to Forrest's blog to see the review and other great stuff, click here:-

Trouvadore, Forest's Amazing Cocktail Creation.
A tribute to the freedom of the slaves.

RnD Rum Reviews a widely respected rum review site have recently posted a review of the Bambarra Reserve.

Roger and Dave gave the Reserve 8.5 flasks out of a possible 10.

Follow this link for the complete review:-



A review from Michael, from San Francisco, another member of the Ministry of Rum, Rum Lovers Forum:-

"The Bambarra arrived at the end of the week and we got a chance to sample it last night, in comparison to Angostura 1919. Thanks again for your generosity.

Although we're fighting a seasonal cold at the moment (the high temperature here went from the mid 90s last Monday to 55 on Friday), the richer nose and taste of the Bambarra Reserve were immediately evident.

It is darker, with more persistent legs than the 1919. We'll have to spend some time with this one, but the initial impression was quite favorable. The Bambarra was the distinct favorite over the Angostura. I'll send an update when our taste buds wake up." Michael.

The Bambarra Girls of Blue Hills.

Latest Bambarra News

Bambarra Trouvadore Finest Select 15 Year Old Rum Launched

The producers of Bambarra Rum are proud to announce the launch of their latest rum, Trouvadore. This is a rare select rum made from only the finest Caribbean rums available today. Initially this rum will only be for a limited release of about 2000 bottles. This rum was named to honour the brave slaves that gained their freedom in the islands of the Turks and Caicos when the slave ship they were enslaved on, the Trouvadore, ran aground off East Caicos. They represented a significant increase in the population of the country at their time of arrival.

The rum is a very smooth, easy drinking rum best drank straight or with a cube or two of ice, similar to a fine cognac. A great addition to anybody's collection of rare rums. 


Bambarra Rum Starts its own Website

Bambarra Rum now has its very own website. This site has just been started so keep checking back for updates:-

Bambarra Reserve Wins Gold in Puerto Rican Rum Tasting Competition

The Wine Cellar in conjunction with Bambarra Rum is pleased to announce that Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve Rum won a gold medal in the "Taste of Rum, An International Rum and Food Festival" held in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 23-24, 2009.

This was the first competition Bambarra Reserve Rum had entered. It was entered in the "International Aged Rum" category, where it swept the category. Other rums in the competition included Bacardi, Brugal, Barcelo, Don Q, Malibu, Castillo, Barrilito, 10 Cane, Trigo, Palo Viejo, Ron Llave, Ron Canita and Ron Granado.

The Bambarra rums are the first rums to be blended and bottled in the Turks and Caicos Islands and are distributed exclusively by the Wine Cellar, Provdenciales. The Bambarra Rums were launched in November, 2008, and have since become very popular with locals and tourists alike.

Bambarra Reserve Rum is one of four rums in the Bambarra range. The others being Bambarra 2 Year Old Gold Rum, Bambarra 2 Year Old Silver Rum and the soon to be released Bambarra Coconut Rum.

Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve Rum is a blend of rums that have been aged a minimum of eight years in once used American oak barrels, that previously held aged Bourbon. The combination of oak and bourbon give the rum a very smooth, citrus, vanilla taste, that is perfect for sipping straight or over a few cubes of ice and maybe a splash of water. For those who don't like to drink their rum straight this rum also makes a perfect cocktail where a strong rum taste is desired.

Bambarra Rum is named after the liberated African slaves who were released after the slave ship, the Trouvadore, they were enslaved on, ran aground off East Caicos in 1841 on its way to Cuba. These slaves were released in the Turks and Caicos islands, as slavery had been abolished in the British Empire.

Once in the Turks and Caicos Islands the freed slaves began a new life, with many working in the salt trade. Several of these former slaves settled in Bambarra, on Middle Caicos, which today remains the only settlement in the Turks and Caicos Islands with an African name. Bambarra Rums are a salute to the winds of fate that blew the slaves onto East Caicos and to their subsequent freedom in the tropical paradise of the Turks and Caicos Islands.Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve Rum retails at approximately $17 to $20 and is available at most liquor stores and restaurants in Providenciales.

Bambarra on Local TV Station, Channel WIV4

Click on this link to see a recent video of The Rumelier talking about Bambarra's medal win in Puerto Rico:-


Bambarra Bar at Da Conch Shack

Da Conch Shack in Blue Hills that has it's very own Rum Bar has now become the "Bambarra Rum Bar". (pictured below)

The bar which is situated in a seperate building away from the restaurant, has had the Bambarra logos painted on the front of the bar. Hopefully this will encourage more tourists who visit Da Conch Shack to try some of the fine rums being blended and bottled right here in Providenciales.

Bambarra Coconut Rum

Shortly to be released will be the first bottles of Bambarra Coconut Rum. This will bring the Bambarra range of rums to four, the Reserve, Gold, Silver and Coconut. Other rums may be in the pipeline aswell, so keep checking back for more details.

Bambarra Goes Small

Coming soon, all four of the Bambarra rums will be available in 350ml bottles. It is also hoped that these smaller bottles will be available as a four pack gift-box, designed especially for the tourists to take home as a souvenir of the islands.

Da Conch Shack Bambarra Rum Bar, Blue Hills.
The Boat Dock at Bambarra Beach, Middle Caicos.

Bambarra Rum Recipes

Bambarra Mama

This is the local version of a Caribbean classic cocktail.

1oz Bambarra Gold Rum

1oz Bambarra Silver Rum

1oz Coconut Rum

1oz Pineapple Juice

1oz Orange Juice

Splash of Grenadine

Combine all the ingredients in a glass and pour over ice. Garnish with a slice of fresh pineapple and a cherry.


1 Shot of Bambarra Reserve Rum

1 Shot of Coconut Rum

Cranberry Juice

Sueeze of lime

Pour the two shots of rum over ice in a glass and fill the glass with Cranberry Juice. Sueeze the lime over the drink and drop the lime into the glass.

Garnish with a cherry.

Caicos Libre

A Good Shot of Bambarra Silver Rum

Cola Soda

Sueeze of Lime

Fill a glass with ice, pour the rum over the ice and fill with cola. Squeeze a fresh lime over the drink and drop the lime in the glass. Garnish with another piece of lime.
This is a version of the famous Cuba Libre.
Only Cuban rum can be used to make an authentic Cuba Libre cocktail, so this is why this is called a Caicos Libre. Use any white rum that is available in your market, but here in the Turks and Caicos we use Bambarra Silver mixed with lime juice and your favourite cola soda. Cola does tend to overpower the taste of the rum, so if you really like a stronger tatse of the rum it is recommended that you use a gold rum with more flavour, eg. Bambarra Gold.

The Grand Turk

1 Shot of Bambarra Silver

1 Shot of Grand Marnier

Orange Juice

Slice of Fresh Orange

Fill a glass with ice and add the Bambarra Silver and Grand Marnier, and fill with orange juice. Garnish with a slice of fresh orange.

Caicos Coffee

1 Shot of Bambarra 8 Year Old Reserve

1 Shot of Bailey's Irish Cream

1 Shot of Nassau Royale

Hot black coffee

Whipped cream

Pour the liquors into a tall coffee glass and add the coffee. Stir lightly, then top with the whipped cream. Garnish with a cherry.

Bambarra Breeze

1oz Bambarra Gold

1/2oz Banana Liqueur

1/2oz Apricot Liqueur

1/2oz Coconut Rum

1/4oz Grenadine

1/4oz Honey

1/2oz Lemon Juice

1oz Orange Juice

1oz Pineapple Juice

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and pour over a glass of ice. Garnish with a cherry or fresh pineapple slice.
Hair of the Turk

1 Shot of Bambarra Silver

Bloody Mary Mix


Sqeeze of fresh lime

Fill a glass with ice and add rum, bloody Mary mix and fresh lime juice. Stir well. Fill the glass with the lemonade and a slice of fresh lime or lemon for garnish.

Bambarra Beach, Middle Caicos.

Where to find Bambarra Rums

Below is a list of bars, restaurants, liquor stores and supermarkets where Bamabarra rum is currently availalble in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This list continues to grow weekly.


Alexandra Resort

Angela's Restaurant

Baci Restaurant


Bay Bistro

Cafe Mingos

Caribbean Beer and Spirits

Casablanca Casino

Club Med Boutique

Coyaba Restaurant

Da Conch Shack and Rum Bar

Danny Buoys Irish Pub

Fairways Bar and Grill

Froggies on Da Beach

Gilley's Cafe

Grace Bay Club

Graceway I.G.A. Supermarket

Graceway Gourmet 

Hemingways on the Beach

Hole in the Wall

Horse Eyed Jacks

La Terraza

Las Brisas

Lemon Cafe

Mango Reef Restaurant

Middle Caicos Cafe


Pillows Nightclub 

Point Grace

Quality Supermarket

Sandcastle Convenience Store

Seaside Cafe

Sharkbite Bar and Grill

Somewhere Cafe

The Palms

The Regent Grand

The Somerset

The Veranda 

The Wine Cellar

Tiki Hut

Three Queen's

Turquoise Duty Free Store, Providenciales International Airport

Villa Del Mar

Vino Tiempo Wine Bar 

West Bay Club


Wine and Spirits Liquor Store

Grand Turk

Grand Turk Liquors

Sarah's Liquor Store

North Caicos

Big Josh's Liquor Store 

KGD 7-11 Liquore Store

Liquor Plus

Pelican Beach Hotel

South Caicos

Lia's Bar

Mudjin Harbour Cave, Middle Caicos.