Siboney Rum
Siboney was a rum that appears to have been introduced in the United States around the 1930's, long before the Cuban revolution. The idea behind the rum was to bring in a Cuban rum-master named Señor Alvare to produce a Cuban style rum in the US with Cuban ingredients and knowledge. This way customers would not pay any duty on their purchase, at least this was one of the selling points.
Below you will see production photographs and adverts for the rum. This rum does not appear to be produced in the US anymore. However, there is now a rum of the same name being bottled in the Dominican Republic.

Siboney Rum Bottling Line, December 19th 1935.

The Sales Pitch

"Cuba came to America to make this fine rum.

Three years ago America greeted Nemesio Alvare, famous Cuban rum-master. "I am seeking your help," he said, "to make our supreme rum."

Said Señor Alvare, "I shall bring Cuban experts-and all our Cuban knowledge-and import the choicest materials direct from Havana. Then I shall add your American standards of purity and exactness in distilling. The combination should be perfect.

And now it is here! You must taste SIBONEY! Even the cocktail bars of Havana acclaim it as Alvare's masterpiece. SIBONEY has the fragrance of a tropical noon in a Cuban garden. But what purity of taste! It's 90 proof instead of 86. And, best of all, you pay no duty!"

Product of Siboney Distilling Corp., a subsidiary of Pennsylvania Sugar Co. Soles Sales representative: A.K. Hamilton & Co., Inc., 342 madison Ave., N.Y.

Siboney Rum Bottling Line 1935.

Presenting Rum Siboney


Si, Señor! Siboney is the crowning achievement of Nemesio Alvare, most famous rum-master in all Cuba. Señor Alvare came to America to distill, age, and bottle his supreme rum. To add Cuban knowledge and superfine Cuban materials, American standards of purity and distilling. The result? Ah! but you must taste it. There are no words in English! And, best of all, you lucky drinkers of Rum Siboney pay no import duty!

Materials from Havana, distilled in U.S.A., Siboney pays no duty."

An Old Bottle of Rum Siboney.
The Dominican Republic Version of Ron Siboney.
Left is the new version, right is an old bottle.